Porters have a wide range of beautiful wallpapers

The re-emergence of wallpaper

A few years ago, wallpaper was a decorating trend that was embraced by just a few who loved the retro appeal that this design element afforded.Wallpapers were making great statements in commercial environments and some people were using wallpapers as decorator panels or feature walls but many preferred to simply use paint to adorn their walls.  Thankfully, the wallpaper trend has gained ground and home decorators are now appreciating the stunning designs that are flooding the market and enjoying the fabulous impact that the use of them can make in a decorating scheme.

Textural wallpapers

Wallpaper does make a fantastic feature wall but the more adventurous are now using them on all walls in a space.  Remember that many wallpapers have very simple designs and many are simply plain with just a hint of texture which can bring great interest to a monochromatic palette.  Below are some examples of textural wallpapers from the Eijffinger range by Verve Designer Collections.

Monochromatic wallpapers

Monochromatic wallpapers work very well as they bring a beautiful design element into a decorating scheme without overloading the space with lots of colour.  Colour palettes of black and white have been very popular in recent times as people appreciate the fantastic design element of pairing colours that are at either end of the tonal scale.  It follows therefore that wallpapers in black and white will work well and bring a dramatic element to the room.  Of course, any colour can be treated in the same way, for example take an olive green and use darker and lighter tones of the colour in a decorating scheme for a very pleasing effect. The following black and white wallpapers from Ferm Living are great examples of beautiful designs in a simple colour palette.

Colourful wallpapers

For the more adventurous, colour really does shine in many of the wallpapers that are on the market. Rich designs in every conceivable hue are available now. These wallpapers really will make a definite design statement and so it is important to ensure that the colours that are in the design work well with the overall colour palette for the room that you are decorating.  One colour in a room tramadol online without should be dominant.  For example, red and green are complementary colours as they are opposite to each other on the colour wheel, however the mix should be about 80/20.  If the combination is 50/50 the eye will not know where to look and the end result will be unsatisfactory.  The old adage of less is more really is important here. Inhabit Wallcoverings is a boutique Australian company that imports high end wallpapers from Europe.  The designs are simply stunning and for lovers of rich colour there are many wallpapers to choose from.

Design your own wallpaper

Many wallpaper design houses allow you to custom design your own wallpapers, or you can use one of their designs but use your own colour palette.  This way you can ensure that your favourite design comes in a colour that exactly matches your decor. Designa Print & Living Studio has some beautiful designs that come in a wide range of colours however they will custom colour if necessary.

Children’s Wallpaper

Children’s rooms, particularly nurseries, look particularly good with wallpapered walls. Porters Paints has a wide range of wallpapers that are suitable for children’s rooms in their Little Porters range. Stripes are a perennial favourite too and can be used beneath a dado rail only for a great feature, leaving the wall plain above for pictures and photographs.  Where adults may prefer more muted tones, children respond really well to strong, bright hues and love reds and yellows so these are rooms where you can really use your imagination.

Perfect colours for a children’s nursery

Some practical tips for wallpapers

Check the roll size with your supplier as these will vary and they will be able to advise you how much each roll will cover. Generally, wallpaper is sold in rolls of 10m length and 50cm width which will cover about 5 square metres however if there is a pattern in the wallpaper you will need to allow for a pattern repeat. Wallpaper should be applied with wallpaper paste and your supplier should be able to recommend a professional to hang the wallpaper for you.

Pendant drum lamps look fabulous covered in wallpaper and this is an excellent way to bring colour and design into your decorating scheme.

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