Selecting the right colour for your decorating job is difficult enough but there is an amazing array of different paint companies with many different products and it can also be quite daunting to select the correct paint and finish. Over the next few weeks I’ll post a few pieces on the various different paint finishes. One of the first items to consider for interiors is how the space that you are painting will be utilised as this will help to determine the durability level of the paint. For exteriors you need to assess the local climatic conditions. Finally, you need to consider the style and mood that you are endeavouring to create, for example an ultra contemporary space will require a different paint finish to a heritage listed renovation project. There are a myriad of possibilities, however if you follow a few principals, you’ll enjoy success with your decorating or painting project.

Matt finish roller
Matt finish

This is generally the most desired finish for interior walls as a pure matt finish doesn’t reflect any light and the colour appears to have greater depth. As there is no light reflection, minor imperfections in the finish of the wall are disguised. However, pure matt acrylic paint is usually difficult to keep looking good as it is not washable and therefore is not recommended for high traffic areas. A matt finish is also not recommended in high moisture areas like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.

The traditional paint companies manufacture some gorgeous matt finish paints. Murobond has Murowash which offers a finely grained, streak free flat finish with subtle colour variations. Porters Paints also has an ultra flat finish acrylic. Dulux, Taubmans, Bristol and Wattyl all have flat paints suitable for most interior and exterior substrates. Many of the exterior matt finishes are textured to different degrees which works well on concrete rendered finishes.
A matt finish is a necessity for the majority of ceilings and cornices to hide imperfections.


Check back in the coming weeks to read more about the other finishes.


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