The Natural Palette

Have you ever wondered how trends are set? Where colour palettes of the day originate and how designers come up with and then set these trends that we, whether we like it or not, then adhere to? The majority of trends are set by the mood of the moment, the zeitgeist of our times and this is just as applicable to colour and decorating trends as to current affairs and news.  Eco sustainability is the latest buzzword.  We all feel we should be taking part as our environment is so important to us. And, because we all want to embrace the environment, the natural palette is a current decorating favourite.  The term eco conjures up images of fresh green and certainly, eco friendly products use this in their product marketing but another great natural palette and one that translates so beautifully into a modern, relaxed decorating scheme is the natural beach scheme.


Conjure up images of a winters day on a pristine NSW beach. These images evoke the natural colours of sand, driftwood, white bleached shells, soft smooth grey pebbles, cool grey seas with white crested waves, outcrops of rugged sandstone and chalky cliffs.  This imagery translates into a beautiful understated simple palette of decorating colours.

Putting it into practice

Murobonds Natural Flat paint is a natural, breathable water based interior paint, formulated without petrochemicals.  Below are some great examples of off whites and neutrals that would be perfect for a scheme based on the natural palette.  Monochrome palettes work well with this look to keep the scheme simple and relaxed. This means choosing one colour and using varying tones to build up your scheme.


Texture is so important in a monochromatic scheme, particularly one using predominantly off white tones as otherwise the scheme can appear too one dimensional.  Layer textures as you would find them in your original inspiration i.e. smooth pebbles with rough hewn rock, coarse sand and grooved seashells. In a decorating scheme this translates to smooth delicate silks and coarse linen, floorcoverings of natural sisal on sleek timber floors, cool cotton and warm luxuriously soft cashmere throws.

Designer Boys artworks are based on inspiration from the natural world.  Their Signature collection is a marriage of natural materials and ancient crafts and would work perfectly to complement this natural decorating scheme.

Papaya Homewares have some stunning accessories to suit a natural scheme and these would look great in a relaxed beach house.  They are the perfect example of how to introduce texture into a monochromatic scheme.


Paint finishes are so important in a natural scheme. This is not the place to use funky gloss or sparkling paint finishes.  This is a relaxed decorating scheme using completely natural products so keep it simple with a totally matt finish for walls and ideally just a good quality low sheen for internal timber trims and doors.

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