Natural Elements

Fabulous cushions from Bandhini Homewares on a simple linen sofa

There is something timeless about the natural look, probably because natural elements are made to last.  In this modern world, where so many man made fabrics are available, we appreciate the natural products even more. Cotton and linen fabrics are washable and easy to maintain and create a wonderful laid back look. Hemp fabrics are becoming really popular and I love the fabrics from Hemptech.

Rugs are a great trusted tramadol online pharmacy idea to zone areas and to make vast cavernous spaces more approachable. Rugs made from 100% wool with art silk running through them are stunning. Or for a more laid back approach you could have a rug made from jute or sisal. As with fabric, hemp is becoming popular for rugs, remember that hemp softens over time so it gets better with age.

Dandelion rug from Armadillo

Beautiful, natural Hemptech fabrics

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