Selecting the right colour for your decorating job is difficult enough but it gets even more complex if you’re thinking about speciality finishes for your project. Finishes such as lime wash and metallic can have a big impact but must be done right.

Lime wash

Murobond’s Pentimento is an updated lime wash which has a fabulous, rich, velvety finish and is great for softening the edges of ultra modern spaces whilst maintaining a contemporary look.

Porters Milk PaintPorter’s Internal Distemper is a soft chalky paint that also dries to a superior matt velvety finish and is perfect to use on heritage restoration projects. As these paints are made using traditional methods, pigments are hand blended to achieve the right hue offering a unique depth of colour.

Milk paint

Porters Milk Paint is a traditional paint finish first used on country furniture by the Shakers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Natural binders and pigments are used to recreate a soft, perfectly matt, chalky finish which can be used on furniture, picture frames etc. This paint finish is not very durable.

Metallic finishMetallics

Metallic finishes order tramadol online with visa have been in vogue for a number of years now. These are particularly effective for feature walls or for painting furniture. Dulux has a wide range of colours in their metallic range. Porters metallic is marketed under Industrial Lustre and this is durable enough to be used on exteriors. For a softer more understated interior only finish their Duchess Satin paint can be used. Murobond offer an iron oxide paint called Bridge Paint and a softer Aqua Glaze and Pearl textured finish, both of which can be used inside and outside. Paints have also been formulated by Porters to replicate silver, gold, copper, rust and a green patina which offers a worn antique finish.
It is particularly important with all special finish paints to understand the correct way to apply them. Many of these can only be applied with a certain type of brush and in a particular way so detailed instructions should be sought from the manufacturer before applying these finishes.
Next time, getting ready to paint by preparing the surface.

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