Pretty Pink Accessories for a child’s bedroom

Pink is undoubtedly the most feminine and pretty of all the hues in the spectrum.  Pink is perceived as soft, gentle and restful.  However, in these androgynous days, pink is no longer perceived as a totally feminine colour. Men’s fashions today use many tones of pink and even men’s toiletries are now packaged with pink wrapping, a trend that was unheard of even ten years ago. Pink therefore has entered a renaissance period and is now accepted by both women and men in decorating palettes.

Pink can be introduced into a decorating scheme with small accents to prevent it from becoming too overpowering. A child’s bedroom could be painted off white but brought together with pictures and fabrics in pretty pink.

How to use Pink

A derivative of red by adding white, pink is an ideal partner with either fresh white or with green which is red’s complementary hue on the colour wheel.  To counter the sweetness of pink, choose hues that have been slightly greyed down.  These appear more sophisticated and should definitely be used for painting any surface other than in a child’s room.  Another key to ensuring that your choice of pink paint produces a stylish look is to keep the finish as matt as possible, unless you are using a special metallic finish. Introducing fabrics into a decorating scheme is a good way to inject colour into a room.  Paint is an excellent way to bring colour to a scheme but it can be overwhelming, but fabrics are softer and you can use as little or as much as you would like.

Using Pastels

Pastel pinks are a perpetual favourite for girls bedrooms and work particularly well when used with other pastel colours.  All pastel hues contain a large proportion of white which makes them all sit comfortably together.

According to Pantone, the world’s leader in colour trend forecasting, pink is the colour for 2011.  In a fast paced world we need to turn to colours that are nurturing and according to colour psychologists, pink is the colour of unconditional love and tenderness.  Lovers of pink tend to be indulged and protected individuals who live well, are financially secure and well educated.

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