Over the past couple of weeks I’ve posted some ideas about selecting the right paint finish for your home decorating project. In selecting the right finish you need to consider a number of things, including the style and mood that you are endeavouring to create (Check the last two posts in this series to see the other factors). This time, semi order tramadol cod online gloss finishes.
A semi gloss finish offers high washability and is extremely scuff resistant. As the sheen level is higher it is also more light reflective than a regular low sheen paint which can be of benefit in a dark area. Dulux markets a semi gloss finish with anti-bacterial qualities for use in high moisture areas like bathrooms and laundries and in some cases for kitchens where there is little natural air flow. A semi gloss finish is appropriate for skirting boards, architraves and internal doors where more durability is required than a low sheen paint would offer but offers lower light reflective qualities than would be achieved with a high gloss finish. Semi gloss paints can also be used on exterior trim and many paint companies now offer a paint that can be used for both interior and exterior timber.
Next time I’ll post something about high gloss finishes.

    • Lily May 5, 2014 at 11:45 am Reply

      Hi Samantha,

      We are in the process of building our home, and I would love your opinion on the colour scheme I have chosen.
      for the External colours I have chosen “Warm Neutral Dulux” for the render and surfmist for the aluminium windows and Garage door, Charcoal Grey roof tiles and Windspray Dulux for the gutters.

      I would really appreciate your opinion.
      Kindest Regards

      • Samantha Bacon July 7, 2014 at 7:52 am Reply

        Hi Lily My apologies for the late response. I expect this is too late but would like to say that Dulux Warm Neutral is a very successful neutral for an exterior scheme. This will appear quite a bit lighter than you probably think but with Surfmist it will work well. The Windspray guttering is a lighter grey than the roof and will look less heavy than a dark grey so I think should work well. My advice is to always paint a large board with the exterior colour if possible to ensure that you are happy with the depth of colour. Hope the look is successful. Regards Samantha

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