New Look for Rafferty’s Resort

The town of Seaside in Florida has made a huge impact on architecture and colour design around the globe.  Seaside Town is a true icon of contemporary urbanism and in many ways the development is similar to the Rafferty’s resort as many of its homes are part of a rental programme in a picturesque setting, close to the beach and frequented by holidaymakers.  Homes along the east and west coasts of America have been designed, built or renovated and painted to mirror the look and feel of Seaside Town which has a contemporary yet classical feel.  Many homes now in Australia are also being built and renovated in the same style.

When I visited Rafferty’s Resort and saw its classical style of architecture I immediately saw how with updated colour palettes this collection of homes and holiday apartments could very easily be transformed into a resort not too dissimilar from the award winning Seaside Town.  The Hamptons style of decorating, which is extremely popular, suits this look perfectly and it naturally order tramadol by phone follows that a resort updated and decorated with this feel will have wide appeal.

The six colour palettes that I have put together are taken from the natural landscape of the area.  The schemes are based on the colours of the lake and nearby ocean and the local flora and fauna.  The colours selected are muted yet uplifting and when partnered with fresh white on the balustrades and trim of the homes offer appealing schemes to entice holidaymakers.   All of the colour palettes are designed to go with the existing powder coating and Colorbond colours in the resort.

Photographs illustrating the style of architecture seen in Seaside Town and other North American beachside townships have been included to assist in understanding the look and feel being sought in the new look for the Rafferty’s Resort.

Click on the pictures below to see more about the individual schemes.

Display boards of the schemes and paint specifications are available from Raffertys Resort management.


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