The Spiritual Colour

Lovers of the colour purple are often artists and are quite often cultured, sensitive and tasteful people.  A colour union between red an blue, a true mid purple reads as quite a cool colour and it causes a similar physiological effect as the colour blue which lowers blood pressure and pulse rates and acts as an appetite suppressant.  Purple certainly has links with the mystical world, lovers of the occult are drawn to the colour purple and when used in interior decorating purple can create quite a spiritual feel. In the western world, purple is also the colour of nobility.

Purple works extremely well with green chartreuse which is definitely a colour of the moment.  Chartreuse is almost yellow but close to lime green which makes it icy cool. This coolness offsets the heaviness of the colour purple which makes this a very contemporary colour palette.  Yellow also looks very good with purple as it is its complementary colour in the spectrum.  It is important to ensure tramadol 50 mg online pharmacy that with these colour pairings, one colour remains the dominant of the two and an 80/20 mix is a good ratio to work with.  Purple also works well with warm magenta and cerise which sit alongside it in the colour spectrum.  Partner these colours with crisp white to make a real statement.

The Variation of Purples

Purple can be a cooler colour or a warmer one depending upon how much red or blue is in the mix.  These colours from Dulux demonstrate how wide ranging the colours can be.  For a very opulent and traditional look, introduce accessories of rich gold.  If a more contemporary look is desired, partner purple with silver accessories and crisp, clean white.

Purple Fabrics and Wallpapers

As purple is such a rich colour, fabrics of velvet, satin and silk work well as their opulence suits this colour.Wallpapers with a purple design are a good way to introduce an accent of this colour, perhaps in a feature wall or in feature panels.

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