Psychology of the Colour Blue

A Pantone study in the United States found that 70% of people polled indicated blue was their favourite colour. Blue certainly is one of the most serene of the colours in the spectrum and it has the opposite physiological effect on the human body to the colour red. Blue suppresses the appetite, hence there are very few blue foods and if you want to diet, try serving food on a blue plate. Blue slows down the pulse rate, lowers blood pressure and cools the temperature of the body.  Faber Birren, a famous American writer, studied the effects of colour on the human psyche and was an early exponent of the power of colour to create and maintain a heathly mind. His findings indicated that people who have a preference for mid blue are often conservative in their outlook, accomplished, well connected and wealthy. They are generally rational and cautious individuals. Colour psychologists generally agree that children prefer the brighter colours in the spectrum, red, yellow, pink and orange and Faber Birren found that those children who do like blue are often less spontaneous than their peers and are more likely to conform. Although blue is a very calm and tranquil colour it can make people feel cold, particularly if used in a south or east facing room. Another downside to the colour is that it can lead to feelings of depression in some people.

Navy Blue in Decorating Schemes

Navy Blue is without doubt, one of the most masculine of all the colours in the spectrum due to its associations with male dominated military service uniforms and dark blue suits worn in traditionally male work environments. Navy Blue is a very solid, conservative and dependable colour and although often associated with clothing it can in fact be a great colour to use for interior decorating. Navy blue and white stripes is a classic combination which works well in a nautical colour scheme. Splashes of red in this scheme are a current decorating trend as the Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes are a current decorating accessory. These work extremely well in boys bedrooms or in coastal decorating schemes.

Fabulous accessories from Lakeland Design for a boys bedroom

The Union Jack is very popular in decorating schemes

Manipulating a space with Navy Blue

Navy Blue is tonally get tramadol online legally very dark, almost on a par with black and therefore needs to be used carefully in a decorating scheme. This colour used for carpet really grounds the space and makes the room appear smaller which is useful if you are painting the walls in a light colour. Dark tones provide a fantastic back drop for lighter and brighter colours which makes them more vibrant and alive.  Nothing creates and sets a mood easier than a strong dark tone. For optimal effect, dark tones should be used in rooms that are used more frequently at night and which are lit by artificial light which really helps to create a mood and ambience.  Dark tones, particularly when painted in a matt finish, will absorb light and this is a good way to disguise areas in a room.  When walls are painted in a dark colour and tone they will close in a space which really helps to define the mood for that area.  Ceilings can be lowered with a dark tone and corridors can be shortened by painting the end wall in a dark tone.

Accessories for Navy Blue

As Navy Blue is a cool colour it benefits from light accents, just as a crisp white shirt sets of a Navy Blue suit. Therefore a timber trim colour of a fresh cool white defines the dark tone beautifully. Accessories that reflect light are also perfect so paintings and mirrors with gilded frames look stunning on a dark navy blue background. Warm golds are a good foil to the cool blue however for a really contemporary sleek look, silver is a good complement.

Navy Blue in itself can just be the accessory, perhaps a feature wall of a navy and white stripe wallpaper or cushions in Navy on a neutral camel coloured sofa. Porters have some great wallpaper designs in Navy Blue and No Chintz have some perfect affordable fabrics for cushions and upholstery. Look at Kelani Fabrics too for some excellent Navy Blues to use for children’s rooms.

Rugs are a great way to bring deep strong colour into a decorating scheme. Tapetti fine hand crafted rugs have designs in both contemporary and traditional patterns. A hot trend at the moment is to combine navy blue with green chartreuse, a green that teeters right on the edge of green and yellow in the colour spectrum.

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