Last week I wrote about getting the paint finishes right, particularly matt finishes. Selecting the right colour for your decorating job is difficult enough but there is an amazing array of different paint companies with many different products and it can also be quite daunting to select the correct paint and finish. This week a look at Low Sheen finishes.
Paint companies understand that many colours look better with a matt finish but are not always practical and therefore low sheen paints, which are washable, are marketed. Products vary between paint companies but many of these paints have as low as a 5% sheen tramadol online overnight 180 level so they offer an almost matt finish that can be wiped down without fuss. These paints generally dry to a soft eggshell finish and in fact many paint companies market these as their eggshell range. Dulux, Taubmans, Bristol and Wattyl have very good low sheen/eggshell acrylic washable paints. Murobond and Porters also offer a pure acrylic finish in addition to their boutique finishes. Many low sheen paints are also suitable for timberwork trim and internal doors and provide an elegant yet laid back finish.
Next time, something about semi gloss.

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