Laminate Joinery from Laminex

There are many items to consider when choosing the appropriate joinery for your new kitchen.  Firstly, you need to consider the style that you would like to achive.  Do you want a sleek contemporary finish or would you prefer an English country style kitchen or a classic French Provincial look?  The style that you choose will go some way to dictating the appropriate finish for your kitchen joinery.  Secondly, you need to decide how durable the surface needs to be.  Will it get a lot of use and are there children in the house who tend to be harder on surfaces.  Is it an outdoor or indoor kitchen?

Silk Finish Joinery from the Laminex Group

There are a myriad of choices now for kitchen joinery ranging from simple melamine finishes, high gloss laminates, matt, satin or shiny 2 pack polyurethane, timber veneers or solid timber.  An Interior Designer can assist with the appropriate selection of materials and also advise on the colour scheme to ensure that it fits in with your style and the rest of your decorating scheme.


Laminex has a wide range of colours and finishes.  They have recently introduced 22 new colours to their palette and there are many whites and timber veneers to choose from.  There are also a dazzling array of bright colours for those of us creating a retro kitchen design.  Laminex has a range of colours in a Silk Finish which is a soft satin look or for a high gloss finish,  Crystal Gloss by Laminex is an excellent choice as it offers supreme durability.  This is particularly stunning in a timber veneer look and offers a more durable alternative to a two pack polyurethane finish over a real timber veneer.

Fineline aluminium framed laminate doors offer a very contemporary look.  Rather than just an aluminium trim, these doors sit in an aluminium frame.  The insert can be either tramadol online kopen Lamiwood, glass or timber veneer.  The timber veneer finish works very well with this look, as do the long chrome handles.Laminex also produce a range of natural timber veneer panels which are supplied raw.  These make a stunning architectural statement.

Laminex Crystal Gloss Sample Colours


Laminex Fineline Aluminium Sample Colours



Polytec also offer a range of laminate doors and have a wide range of colours to choose from.  Their Createc range is a super glossy, durable finish which looks stunning in contemporary dark colours, either plain or in a timber veneer look.  Polytec also has a range of Thermo Laminated doors which offer durability but without the super shine.  Dark colours in kitchens work well, particularly when offset with crisp white benchtops.  If this look is too much for you then it is worth considering a two tone kitchen.  The darker colour generally works best on the lower cupboards, with a lighter colour on the upper cupoards and shelving.

Polytec Sample Colours


A two pack polyurethane finish offers a sleek finish that can either be high gloss or satin.  The benefits of a polyurethane finish is that any Dulux colour can be used.  This way your kitchen can be the same colour as your timber trim throughout the house which offers a really good seemless look.  The 2 pack polyurethane finish also ensures that there are no join lines in the door.

A final note on colour

According to Lorraine Brigdale, the Design Centre Manager for the Laminex Group, we are finally seeing the end of all white kitchens.  Greys are making a big impact or if you love white, try mixing it up with a darker colour, either plain or a timber veneer.  The colour trend really is for the natural look which is why timber elements look so great in a kitchen design.  Speak to a colour consultant or an interior decorator to find the solution for you.

    • Nahid mohamed August 14, 2015 at 4:04 am Reply

      Hi Samantha,
      My Q really isn’t about the colours or style, it’s about durability. We’re about to build a home (God willing), & am aiming to choose a design that won’t date & one that won’t need replacement in a hurry. Can u recommend which surface is more durable out of Polytec Melamine, Melamine or Formica for the kitchen, laundry & bathrooms. Thnx in advance for your expertise.
      Kind regards,

      • Samantha Bacon September 3, 2015 at 4:08 am Reply

        Hi Nahid Both Polytec Melamine and Formica laminates are very durable and people choose these over a 2 pack polyurethane painted finish for this reason. Melamine is a superior product and finish to laminate so will give your kitchen an upmarket look but should be durable enough.

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