Colour Psychology of Red

Red is without doubt the most dramatic of all the colours in the spectrum. It has been scientifically proven that when you look at red you have an increased pulse rate, you perspire more and your appetite is stimulated. Red has a powerful physiological impact on the body and it is therefore a colour that should be embraced but perhaps with a little restraint. Red is also the first colour that the eye sees which is why stop signs and stop signals on traffic lights are red. As the colour red is an appetite stimulant it is often used in dining rooms and restaurants however red also increases brainwave activity and makes us want to speed up, hence its liberal use in fast food restaurants.

The best way to use red in a decorating scheme

There are a number of things to consider when using red in a decorating scheme:

  • The aspect of the room and the amount of natural light. In a Sydney decorating scheme, if the space faces west or north then the colour red should be used as an accent tramadol online buy only. If the room is south or east facing, or is a dining room that is usually only used in the evening then a deep red can be used more liberally.
  • A deep red is a good way to manipulate a space, for example a room will become more enclosed if red is used on all the walls or a space can be made to look less elongated by using the deep rich colour on one wall only.
  • Offset the richness of red with a crisp clean white. This will really define the colour and make it more intense.
  • Finally, remember that the eye is always drawn to red first so if you are using red as an accent in a decorating scheme ensure that you do not use it all around the room as this will create a spotted effect. Also, consider the view from your window as this may be the best feature of the room and you should not detract the eye from it with a strong feature colour.

Red Living Room in Melbourne

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