Different types of bricks

Smooth Face bricks from Boral offer a contemporary look

Smooth Face Bricks

Bricks for exterior projects are back in fashion. People are beginning to appreciate the natural look of brick again and the brick manufacturers are responding to this trend and releasing new and innovative bricks that look too good to render over. The smooth face range of bricks gives a sleek look not dissimalar from a rendered finish. On this house the mortar has been matched to the brick colour but these bricks also look great with a crisp off white ironed mortar to show the outline of each brick.

Dark colours in smooth face bricks give a crisp contemporary look.

Designers are also mixing up the finishes for exteriors combining smooth face bricks, natural stone and rendered finishes. The James Hardies range of lining boards also look great used with these bricks. As with any scheme, the rule is to generally use no more than three different finishes so don’t get too carried away with including too many looks.  Below is a good example of a house with Austral bricks and render.  The design of the house is classic and the colours are simple but the effect is very pleasing due to the textural variation that the bricks bring to the scheme.  The beautiful timber on the windows and doors adds another natural element to the look.

Contemporary Burlesque Bricks

The Burlesque range of bricks from Austral make a  bold architectural statement.  These tramadol online safe bricks are highly glazed and bring a very contemporary and different high gloss finish to the exterior of your home.  Of course for a feature these can also be used inside.  The edges are crisp and with off white ironed mortar the look is very distinct.  For an ultra modern look you can use this on your entire exterior or mix it up with contemporary large profile rectangle smooth lining boards in crisp white.  These bricks are at the cutting edge with their textural finish and also with their amazing colour palette – even the names are provocative.

Dry Pressed Velour Bricks

Both Boral and Austral bricks have a range of high quality dry pressed bricks. These make a classic statement and will endure the test of time.  The Gertrudis renovation range from the Bowral collection at Austral are particularly good for restoration projects or to create a heritage look for your build. With bricks this good you can use them inside for a classic look.

A last word on bricks

Before selecting a brick for your new home consider whether you are in an area with salt spray.  If this is the case you will need to choose bricks that are finished in an exposure grade. Generally it is recommended that these bricks be used on all homes within 1km of the ocean. You will also need to consider the type of mortar that you want to use as this will change the look of the brick considerably.

    • MD Interior Design June 22, 2011 at 8:40 pm Reply

      Thankyou Samantha for another informative post. I really enjoyed learning about bricks and you are right on the mark about Contemporary design mixing the finishes up. That’s exactly what I’m seeing in design at the moment too… the james hardie cladding, (used vertically or horizontally, brick, render and natural stone.

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