The colour of the week is Hot Pink. This colour is without doubt the most feminine of all the hues in the spectrum and often confined to colour palettes for the bedroom. However in these androgynous days where anything goes it is far more acceptable to see pink in a living area, particularly when it is a rich, strong hot pink that has great impact rather than a soft pastel pink. Cerise and Magenta have high chroma levels but become more rich and muted with a touch of grey and are certainly then more adaptable in the decorating stakes.

Gallery Collection Zimmer and Rohde

Clearly, a living area tramadol online sale with all four walls painted in such a strong hue would be quite confronting for most people, however a chair or sofa upholstered in this hue or curtain fabric in a rich silk or satin could work very well. Even a statement rug in a hot pink could be enough to bring some personality to a space.

Remember that nothing sets a mood quite like colour so ensure that the placement of such rich hues is well considered. Using this colour will certainly make a statement.



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