Recently I’ve posted some thoughts on selecting the right paint finishes for those decorating and renovating projects. Choosing the right colour for your decorating job is difficult enough but there is an amazing array of different paint companies with many different products and it can also be quite daunting to select the correct paint and finish. So far I’ve talked about matt, low sheen and semi gloss finishes. This time it’s high gloss.
The most light reflective of all the paints, a high gloss finish offers superior durability and stability in extreme climatic conditions, making it particularly suitable for exterior trim. A high gloss finish can be quite effective in an interior as the same colour can be used on the walls as on the trim but will appear different due to the greater variance in sheen level.
Both semi gloss and high gloss paints can be either water based or for even more durability enamel based.
Check out my earlier posts on the other paint finishes. Next time I’ll say something about natural paints.

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