Provencal Colour Inspiration

Provence is a beautiful area in the south east of France, next to Italy and encompassing the French Riviera. The palette of colours derived from this region is simply stunning and many painters including Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse and Auguste Renoir visited and lived in the region and found much of their inspiration there.  Envisage fields of bright yellow sunflowers, gracefully nodding to the sun, rolling fields of lavender, fields of bright red poppies, azure blue seas and green grey olive groves and you are well on your way to putting together a palette evocative of this region.

These images illustrate perfectly the beauty of the area and why so many people use this colour order tramadol without palette for the basis of their interior decorating.  Provencal colour palettes and decorating should not be confused with French Provincial decorating which is simply a french country decorating style.  The Provencal region has a colour palette that is quite unique.

Provencal Colour Palette

The key to getting this look right is to understand that the paints are meant to age and mellow. The look is an understated one and the backbone of the colour palette are the natural hues, those of aged terracotta, mellow ochre, weathered blues and soft grey greens. Opt for a totally matt finish to the paint and consider using natural stone and limewash finishes.

Provencal Fabrics

Historically, Marseilles was a great trading port and the stunning, brightly coloured fabrics that arrived from the sub continent, inspired local artisans to produce textiles with similar brightly coloured hues that evoked the rich tapestry of colours in the Provencal landscape. These textiles are still very popular and sought after today and their pleasing patterns of paisley, flowers and fruit are particularly uplifting.

The Les Olivades range of fabrics is available in Australia and the beautiful fabrics illustrated below demonstrate the colours of the region perfectly.


For a true Provencal exterior, your front door should be painted blue as many are throughout Provence and the entire Mediterranean region. It was thought that a blue front door would ward off evil spirits and the tradition is still strong today.

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