Pantone Honeysuckle

Pantone’s colour of the year 2011

The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colors. Companies all around the globe look to Pantone for guidance on colour trends before launching new product lines.  Pantone’s colour of the year for 2011 is called Honeysuckle.  This is a bright and uplifting colour which adds a touch of fun to interiors.  The global financial crisis has produced an atmosphere of worry and stress and in these times we need something to embolden the spirit.  Honeysuckle will be a great addition to your interior decorating scheme.  Perhaps in a feature wall or just as an accent for accessories like placemats, glasses and bowls.

Pantone’s forecast for the Northern Spring 2011 (our Autumn) is for a palette of Russet, pink, orange and blue

The lifespan of a colour trend

The following is just one scenario of the lifespan of a colour trend.

A leading trend setter or designer may be on a tour of the Far East and comes across a delicate Celadon bowl.  Liking the colour and registering that it is something different they will return to their studio and amongst other ideas that they have amassed on their travels, use this as inspiration for their new fashion range.  This will be shown on the catwalks of Paris and Milan and trend watchers will be eagerly assessing what’s new, not only in colours but in the styles that are being shown which will in turn dictate the type of colour that will be popular.  Textile houses, carpet manufacturers, paint companies, furnishing houses and homewares designers will then use these colours for their new designs and products.  These are then buying tramadol legal launched to the market place.  Generally the upper end of the market receives these new ideas first and then they trickle down to the high street shops. Once they reach here, the trend is almost over.

Some of the current colours from BMW

Trend Forecasting for the Luxury Market

Clearly it is imperative that companies designing and manufacturing products get the colours right and there are many ways for colour trend watchers to be ahead of the game.  Companies manufacturing high end items like luxury cars will be sometimes working 3-5 years ahead on their colour schemes and in many ways these are the people who are dictating colour choices.  You may find more of interest in colour trends by looking at the BMW website than by picking up your favourite decorating magazine.  BMW has a stunning gold/brown colour for their luxury cars at the moment.  This is new and different from the black and silver colour trend that we have been used to seeing in recent times and it is no conicidence that the 2011-2012 colour palette has moved away from the silvery greys to the warmth of gold and brown.  See more about BMW at

Paint companies have a huge investment, both in time and money in assessing colour trends.  They will analyse current global trends and then see how these affect colour choices.  Companies like Pantone in the United States release a major new colour palette every five years, gaining input from colour specialists around the globe and each season they also release colour palettes for the fashion and homeware industry.  These are highly anticipated by designers seeking the latest colour trends for their designs and products.

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