The colour green is without doubt the most serene of all the hues. Placed right in the middle of the colour spectrum, our eye doesn’t need to adjust to see green which makes it a great colour for meditation purposes. Green comes in many guises from Chartreuse which is teetering right on the edge of yellow through to Teal which contains a large degree of blue. Whichever guise it comes in, it is without doubt the coolest of all the hues. The colour green is an excellent choice for bedrooms and is also a great choice for north or west facing living areas as it is relaxing. Opt for greens that contain a fair degree of grey as these are also very sophisticated colours.

Emerald Green is right in the middle of the green spectrum, a true rich green without too much yellow or blue. The fabrics and wallpapers shown here are from Osborne & Little.  Soft pale greens are beautiful paired with pink or soft blue and white. For inspiration when using greens, simply look outside at the garden or nature reserve to see the wide range of green palettes from the soft grey greens of eucalypt trees to the rich glossy greens of a Camelia hedge and see how they work so effortlessly with floral accents.

Psychology of the Colour Green

Green is symbolic of nature, balance and normality.Colour Psychologist, Faber Birren, found that people who like green are generally socially well adjusted, civilised and conventional. They are often members of clubs and suburban dwellers.Lovers of green are also energetic, solid citizens who are not given to sudden impulses, unlike lovers of the colour red.

Clear, bright green is the colour of the moment as many of us strive to be eco conscious. Eco sustainability is the modern buzzword and marketers of many types of products are using the colour green in their packaging.

Green for Exteriors

The colour green is an excellent choice for use on exteriors of homes. In the Australian light, green, as with any other colour, needs to contain a large degree of grey to be successful.  Always view colours for exteriors outside as they generally need to be at least two tones darker and much greyer than you would originally anticipate. The inspiration for this colour design was the beautiful Australian Bush in the beachside suburb of Bateau Bay. The house sits well in the natural landscape with accents of silver and natural timber. Two different tones of grey green have been used on the exterior and it is important to ensure that these are quite tonally different as the sunlight will make them appear much closer together.

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