Art for colour scheme inspiration

Significant artworks are often an excellent starting point to use when developing a colour palette and a style or theme for your decorating project. Look carefully at a favourite artwork and extract some of the more dominant colours and you have a ready made colour palette. If you are drawn to and love a particular piece of artwork it is quite likely due to the colours used and the mood that it creates and it therefore follows that this mood will work well for the space you are decorating. For example if you have an original Aboriginal artwork which features many tones of blue, try extracting one of the darkest and greyest of those hues and match your paint colour to this. Place the artwork on this painted wall and the effect will be quite stunning. Ensure that you choose one of the darker and greyer hues though as otherwise the effect will be overpowering and will detract from the artwork. The following original Aboriginal artworks have been order tramadol over the phone commissioned by Gundooee.

Artworks to complete a decorating scheme

You can also work the other way around when putting together a decorating scheme.You may have your colour palette but just need a statement piece of artwork to complete the look. Many artists now offer a custom colour service so that you can select an artwork that you love and then have it coloured in the exact hues of your palette.  So, for example, you can take your bedspread, cushions, wall and floor colours and the artist will use these exact hues for the painting. Wall Candy Art and Paint Finishes offer this service.

Individual Pieces

Think outside the square when it comes to artwork too.  Traditionally we associate paint in either watercolours or oils with artwork but consider using treasures from the deep like coral branches, shells or pebbles in a design. These original pieces can make beautiful artworks and when simply framed add a touch of elegance to a decorating scheme.The Art Collection from the Designer Boys illustrates this idea perfectly.

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      I really love the what looks like a coral tree artwork.

      Am I able to purchase it from you? What sizes do you do it in and what are the costs?

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